why Scratch?

Our team is flexible and scalable, so we can work with clients at any stage of the creative development and production process.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why you should work with Scratch:

1. Competitive Prices: We offer outstanding video production value at competitive prices without any compromise on quality

2. Price Match Guarantee: We are confident of our quality offering and offer a price match guarantee for comparable quotes from reputable agencies

3. Customer Satisfaction: We work closely with our clients on brief development continues to result in a high customer satisfaction rate

4. Tailored Productions: We customise every aspect of video production to your unique project needs

5. Meet Deadlines: We deliver ultra-fast turnaround times to meet your project deadlines

We can't wait to tell your story!


The trick to starting from Scratch

Here’s the skinny on Scratch Productions— a lot happens before someone shouts action. This is to ensure that what does happen after it’s said is not just up to scratch, but above and beyond your expectations.

Wondering how that happens? We’ll break it down for you.


We Say G’day

First things first, we’ll take some time to get friendly with you and your brand.

2. Handshakes

We’ll send you a quote, taking everything we’ve discussed into account, and it’ll be such a good offer you won't be able to refuse - we can simply move onto the next step!


We Dig Deep

We’ll then ask you for every tiny detail you can give us about your project, its purpose, and your vision. Our aim is to bring whatever’s in your good lookin’ head to life.


We Get Creative

Now, there’s a few ways we can bring that bad boy to life, and it’s here that we’ll provide you with some creative options. Once you’ve followed your heart, we’ll follow with the script.


We Prepare

The key to a smooth shoot is nailing the pre-production phase. It’s at this point that we assemble the dream team and cast talent, hire equipment, secure locations, plan wardrobe and more.


We Hit Record

Here’s where the magic happens, and where we bring in the big cameras guns, bright lights, high-tech mics and full shoot crew. Depending on the size of the job, this could be for one day or many. Either way, it ain’t over until the boss lady shouts, ‘that’s a wrap’!


We Fine Tune

With the magic on film (or ‘in the can’, as we say in the biz), it’s time to assemble, grade and edit the raw stuff until it’s motion picture perfect, incorporating your feedback at each step.


We Deliver

And that's a wrap! We’ll output the final product to suit all of your channel specs and then hand you the full rights, giving you the power to flaunt your new film in any way you wish.