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Whether you want to tell a story or knock the socks off your customers our world-class animators can make it happen. They’ve done it for Kanye West and the Gorillaz, amongst a host of other big names, and now they’re ready to do it for you.

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Marco is the 3D animator and neo-surrealist behind some of the most thought-provoking and intriguing animations on the internet. Based in Germany, he gets his kicks experimenting with different video techniques, including live action, 3D animation, motion graphics, photo manipulation and more. Renowned for throwing the rule book out the window, Marco’s visual storytelling is simultaneously smart, grotesque and funny.


Liran is an award-winning animation artist and founder of Israel-based animation powerhouse, Kapel Studio. Specialising in stop motion, the studio is renowned for creating unique, intriguing and eye-catching videos perfect for social media and television.


Mathijs is a top-notch Animator, Motion Designer & Director from the Netherlands. Supported by a prolific twelve-year history in the creative industry, Mathijs has earned his storyteller status weaving narratives for countless brands and artists all over the world. His days are now consumed with exploring new ways to bring stories to life.


Gianluca is an accomplished illustrator, puppet maker and stop motion Animator/Director working out of a little old place called Rome, Italy. He spends his pizza-soaked days making animated masterpieces for the film, TV and music industries, as well as bringing editorial illustrations and picture books to life through the medium of plasticine.